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What is twiDAQ?

twiDAQ is a game.  It's a "fantasy stock exchange" or even a "celebrity stock exchange" and works much like a normal every-day stock market except first; the money you're playing with is just totally pretend money and second; the 'companies' you're trading are Twitter accounts.

Who plays twiDAQ & is it free?

Anyone & everyone plays twiDAQ - we've traders from all over the world - and yes, it's totally free to play!  We do have some premium features which you may spot here and there but they're totally optional. 

Where is twiDAQ based?

We operate five exchanges around the world; London, New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Prague.  Each exchange operates 9am to 6pm local-time and you can only trade on one exchange.  The company behind twiDAQ is based in Bath, in the UK.  You can find out more about how to contact us here.

Can I trade out of hours?

Yes!  In August 2012 we'll be launching a "Pro Trader" account which will allow you to trade 24hrs a day.  To help us keep the lights on at twiDAQ HQ all day and all night we'll be asking for a small monthly subscription from all you eager beavers.  If you'd like to know more check out our "Going Pro" pages.

How does twiDAQ determine share price?

There are two things that effect share price:

  • Market Forces
    Every time someone buys or sells a share twiDAQ takes that into account. The more demand there is for shares the more expensive they become and conversely the less demand there is, or the more folk are selling the lower the price goes.
  • Market Trends
    We're also constantly monitoring every stock's performance on Twitter.  As a stock grows in popularity on Twitter it's share price rises slightly in anticipation of higher share purchases and equally as that rise wanes the share price will sink slightly.

Every stock starts at 10p per share and it's a few weeks before Market Trends start to take effect.

Who decides which stock goes in which index?

We're constantly re-assessing the thousands of indices on twiDAQ to ensure that the best stocks are listed and they all live in the most relevant index.  There are never more than 100 stocks in one index and there are half a dozen or so rules which influence our decision like number of stars, market capitalisation, trading history, earnings and so forth.  

We also take into account the votes that you provide when you "Curate" a stock for us.  This is super-helpful and we couldn't build each index without this insight from you.

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