Wondering what it all means?!

Bid & Offer

The prices quoted on twiDAQ are the "bid" price - the price it costs to buy one share.  When you sell a share the best price you can hope to receive is the "Offer" price which is always slightly lower than the bid price.  This difference is known as the "spread".


Average Daily Trading Volume (ADTV) is the average number of shares of a stock bought or sold in a day an it's super-important because it's the measure by which we set the daily trading limits.

Daily Trading Limit

Each day each trader is allowed to accumulate or shed up to 25% of the ADTV. You can day-trade as much as you like within that limit but you can't exceed it. Of course for stocks with a very low ADTV we don't let the limit go below 25 shares... 


An index is a group of the 100 ( or sometimes fewer ) leading stocks of a particular category.  These indices or indexes are analysed continuously and so they do change from time to time.

Index Value

The index value is a measure of the sum of market capital of all the members of that index.  This gives an overall picture of how a particular category of stocks is doing against another. 


Volume simply means the number of shares.  When we talk about a stock's volume we're measuring the total number of shares in issue to traders. 

Market Capitalisation (or MCap)

Market Capitalisation is a measure of the total value of a companies shares in issue.  So if there are 10 shares in issue at $1 each the MCap is $10. 


This is our measure of how much each stock is "earning" in terms of tweets, retweets, mentions, follows & listings.   Think of it like a real companies revenues.


Yield is a measure of how much is paid out in dividend by a particular stock.