A few exciting new indicies for twiDAQ!

twiDAQ is continuously adding new indices to the site, with a wide variety of different topics to increase the user's choice in who they wish to invest in, with the ‘Sports’ tab being one we have added many new indices to, these are;

Although we are more than aware sports does not appeal to every user of twiDAQ, which is why many more indices have been added including; The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch and AllThingsD, these new indices that have been introduced can be found under the ‘Press’ stocks of twiDAQ.


As new indices are being added on a regular basis it’s always a good idea to view your twiDAQ account on a regular basis, to see who can help you go up through the levels!


Worldwide events such as the Olympics and Barclays Premier League season are starting very soon, so it would be a good idea to go and invest in some stocks now!

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