Is twiDAQ the new Klout?

Could the new virtual stock exchange for Twitter provide real-time sentiment analysis where other social media evaluation tools have come up short?

The free-to-play virtual stock exchange twiDAQ offers a unique opportunity for organisations, marketers or brand managers to gain real-time sentiment from Twitter. Launched earlier this year, twiDAQ gives Twitter users the chance to own a portfolio of virtual shares across many indices. As traders buy and sell shares, stock prices fluctuate according to their popularity and influence.

A number of tools exist which aim to track sentiment on Twitter but to date the results are often delayed or diluted. For brand & social media managers, tracking the sentiment around their company or brand is becoming essential. The closer to real-time this tracking becomes the better able they are to react to instant fluctuations in their reputations.

twiDAQ hopes to close the gap dramatically between public insight and the reaction of brands to that ever changing perception.

On twiDAQ, share prices are affected by the volume of trading activity among players, as well as the number of mentions and retweets Twitter accounts receive. The profitability of a commodity is defined by its ability to grow its influence. Having this real-time feedback from an online community could prove a useful tool for crisis communication, brand management and consumer outreach.


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