Stuck in London?... you should be home now!

Thanks to the awesome feedback from the hard working UI testers over at we recently uncovered a super-frustrating bug in our sign-up process that was knocking some of you onto the London exchange even if you picked an exchange closer to home.

The Voyage Home

We're happy to say that the problem was fixed right away but for all of you that have been caught out we've tried to put you back on the exchange closest to you.  

We've used a completely automated and anonymous process re-sort all the lost soles to the correct exchange so please do check you have the exchange you wanted and if you're still in the wrong place please drop us a line and we'll get it fixed.

Who does this effect?

You will be effected by this change if:

  • You were registered to the London exchange
  • Your IP address appears to be outside the UK

Who's gone where?

  • Those of you in the UK, Africa and Iceland have stayed on the London exchange
  • If we think you're in Europe you're now trading on the Prague exchange
  • If you appear to be in the US or Canada, West of the 104th parallell you're now trading on the San Francisco Exchange
  • Anywhere else in North or South America you're now trading out of New York
  • Finally those of you in Asia, Australasia & Oceania is now trading from Sydney   

Lost at sea?

Don't forget if you'd prefer to trade on another exchange or if we've simply put you in the wrong place just drop us a line at with your Twitter handle and which exchange you'd prefer.

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