twiDAQ 3 is coming

A while ago I wrote about the future of twiDAQ on my personal blog and explained why I though twiDAQ was broken.

Since then we've been working tirelessly to make twiDAQ the awesome game we truly believe it can be.  

Get involved - Get your invite!

Now, finally, if you'd like to take twiDAQ v3 for a spin you can sign up for an invitation.  To do so simply sign in with Twitter and you'll be added to the list.

What's new?!

Over the next couple of weeks, while we're letting folk in slowly, I'll be telling you about a few of the new features we've added and why we think they're going to make a difference.  We'd love to know what you think so don't be shy - hit us up @twiDAQ and tell us what you think.

Item #1 - The NOW!

I realise many of you don't yet have access so I'm going to start with something you can all see.  

This year we've introduced a brand new index - The Trending Index.  Unlike the other twiDAQ indices which are carefully compiled by hand the Trending Index is constantly rebuilt from Twitter accounts associated with the current trending topics.  This allows us to surface the stocks that you're likely to be most interested in trading right now.  

Do you think that's a step forward?  Let us know @twiDAQ...

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