twiDAQ... meet Twitter!

twiDAQ... meet Twitter!

Exciting news from twiDAQ HQ! We've been working on a bunch of cool new features to keep you in the know, and help grow your portfolio! Check out the details below for more information…


Have an idea for a feature? The feedback forums are now online so you can post your ideas today - and of course you can always send a tweet to us on @twiDAQ.

Available on the App Store with more Twitter!
We have added a new feature to twiDAQ to help you discover and invest in new stocks.
When you are browsing the exchange you'll see the latest tweets from the top stocks in the index (as well as their day change!)
Now you can stay up to date on the latest trends and topics and make informed decisions on how to build up your portfolio!
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Portfolio Tweets
We've created an easy way for you to keep up to date with the stocks in your portfolio!
You can now get your own Twitter list for your stocks on twiDAQ and have it automatically update each time that you trade. This means you don't need to follow each of your stocks to see what they're talking about and find out when to cash in!
You can build your own list today by going to your portfolio page :)
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The Widget's have landed!
Enhance your website today
twiDAQ widgets are the simplest way to provide a boost to your social profile on the twiDAQ exchange.
It's super easy to add widgets to your site - simply copy & paste a couple of lines of code to your website. No technical experience necessary. Done!
Need to boost your social profile? Need to get your business noticed? Drive up your share price with a twiDAQ widget on your website.
You'll be featured on the twiDAQ exchange in front of thousands of traders; all of whom are potential customers for you & your business.
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Don't forget we love to have your feedback on anything twiDAQ related.


The feedback forums are now online so you can post your ideas today - and of course you can always tweet us directly as @twidaq on Twitter

Keep tradin',
The twiDAQ Team
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