Unlock 24hr Trading... for FREE!

We know that only being able to trade from 9am to 6pm can be a bit of a pain so this month we're going to give away a few coveted 24hr Trading accounts to the folk who manage to refer the most of their friends to join them playing twiDAQ!

It couldn't be easier. Start today!

There are two ways you can refer your friends and earn your "Referrer" badge:

  • Send your friends to http://my.twidaq.com/refer/your_twitter_name_here

  • Or use the referral widget on your portfolio page and we'll email them for you!

Each time one of your friends joins twiDAQ you'll earn points towards your Referral Badge - which, like all your other badges, unlocks new items for your trader and new levels in the game...

.. but this month only we'll also be giving away 24hr trading to the 10 folk who refer the most people!



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