twiDAQ is hiring. Hooray!

twiDAQ is hiring its first ever full-time team members - having been the long-time pet project of it's founder, Jim Morrison, and his agency; Deep Blue Sky

We're putting together a three-person full-time team of to launch twiDAQ to the world.  This a rare opportunity to shape the development of an amazingly exciting new social platform.

Does this sound like you?

twiDAQ is just at the start of its journey and the team we're looking to built needs to help us develop not just the game, but also the brand-loyalty and realtime sentiment-analysis tool we're hoping to become.  There are loads of challenges we face so here's just a raw list.

If any of this excites you - get in touch!  

  • Following & predicting the celebrity & political zeitgeist..
  • Rapid development & deployment in a lean way..
  • Engineering compelling, technical, addictive gameplay..
  • Big data management; billions of rows of social data..
  • Managing a vocal, active, demanding audience..
  • Building a beautiful, unified JSON API for mobile, desktop & developers..
  • Web, iOS & Android development on desktops, phones & tablets..

Awesome Benefits, Amazing Environment

Just like the founder's team at Deep Blue Sky the twiDAQ team will enjoy an active, exciting work environment with awesome benefits like a 4-day working week! Friday's are reserved for internal development, team-building or just experimenting with new ideas & technology.

There are three specific positions available but we're more interested in finding people with the right attitude than looking for specific skills.  Take a look and get in touch if you'd like to discuss any of the roles below:

All-Star Community Manager - £25,000 - £30,000

An exciting opportunity to be the public face of twiDAQ, managing the game, supporting the traders, defining our monthly promotions and speaking the the press, celebrities & the media.

Front-End leaning Designer / Developer - £25,000 - £30,000

Are you a super-skilled front-end designer developer?  twiDAQ is a graphically rich game that needs to look and feel consistent across dozens of media and devices.  The web platform is mostly pure .js running on a json API but understanding and knowledge of php, svg and general web development techniques is pretty vital too.  As is experience of designing & developing for either Android, iOS or both!

Back-end Leaning Developer - £25,000 - £30,000

Are you an insanely talented PHP developer?  twiDAQ is a fully-functioning stock exchange but unlike modern exchanges which list a few thousand stocks we're listing many millions of stocks at any one time.

You'll be responsible for maintaining the vast streams of data we have coming in from Twitter, the smooth running of a database that runs into the billions of rows and you'll need to be comfortable working not just with PHP and the JSON API but also with a lot of perl, memcache, linux server infrastructure and more.

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